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The featured producers for Natural Wine Week will be Unti Vineyards from the Dry Creek Valley and The Natural Process Alliance.

From Unti Vineyards we will be pouring the Cuvee Foudre, Syrah and Zinfandel by the glass. Mick Unti will be here at Nopa on Wednesday, August 26th to discuss these wines (or any other topics covered in his famous newsletters) with all interested parties. Unti Vineyards is owned and run by Mick and his parents, George and Linda and the resident winemaker, Sebastien Pochan. They have been farming Biodynamically since 2004. They employ native yeast fermentations and generally do not fine or filter their wines. They do use sulfur but in very low doses. They are consistently experimenting with new grape varieties and different techniques to try and find the true expression of their land.

From The Natural Process Alliance we will have the Sonoma Coast skin contact Chardonnay and the Orsi Vineyard Pinot Blanc available by the glass. Kevin Kelley, the winemaker behind this project, will be on the floor at Nopa on Friday, August 28th to present and discuss his project with curious guests. The Natural Process Alliance is a project focused on sustainability. Kevin, his wife Jennifer and their right hand man David Philo are slowly changing the rules. They are pushing against the boundaries and expanding the possibilities. The Chardonnay is farmed organically, the Pinot Blanc Biodynamically. The Chardonnay was fermented with indigenous yeast, on the skins for 18 days. No sulfur has ever been added. The Pinot Blanc was destemmed and pressed directly to tank where it was left alone to make itself. A tiny amount of sulfur was added after fermentation was complete. Both wines are bottled into stainless steel, reusable bottles on demand. Kevin delivers the wine himself in milk crates. No glass, no cardboard, no corks, no waste. Besides the obvious environmental reasons, there is also a financial one here. If Kevin does not have to buy bottles and corks and cardboard, then the consumer doesn't have to fund them. He pays for fruit; we pay for wine. Very smart.

Please come out and try some of these special wines and take advantage of having the men behind these wines at your table.


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