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One of my favorite parts about working at Nopa is the opportunity to work with and learn from immensely intelligent people who are dedicated to their craft. For us, that often means the study of artisan food and beverages. Among the top of the list, I would name Wine Director, Chris Deegan. For those that are familiar with the Nopa format, every quarter or so, our wine list undergoes a metamorphosis, which we simply call a "Feature". The Feature is exactly as it sounds, an educational profile of a particular producer, region or grape.

In theory this is a straightforward concept that allows both staff and guests to read a few lines in a red box and learn about some wine. It's cool. But since Chris Deegan is the one behind the feature, it becomes a vibrant and compelling homage to wine that is so well written that it awakens the inner wine geek in us all.

Last month, Chris had an opportunity to travel to Germany (and Austria) on a trip led by famed importers Michael Skurnik and Therry Theise. We all predicted that our next feature would draw from that trip. While we all braced for a Riesling or uber-site/soil specific Feature, in true Deegan fashion, he returns with a Feature on a grape that you will probably never see so well represented in sequence on a winelist again—Scheurebe.

Scheurebe, celebrating its 95th anniversary as a grape, is best approached as a relative to Riesling. It was long thought to be a genetic cross of Riesling and Silvaner, though recent DNA testing has shown otherwise. In my opinion, these wines share a quality of winter citrus (blood orange and grapefruit in particular, but well seasoned with interesting spice that as Chris says makes it pleasing to drink and capable of being enjoyed or evoking conversation).

As a wine enthusiast and as a person who simply enjoys learning from people who are genuinely knowledgeable and passionate about a particular subject, it was a pleasure to have this conversation with Chris. We wanted to share this passion with you via podcast and hope that it was captured in someway. As the caveat says at the beginning, it is not a perfect recording (Deegan speaks into the mic, while I interview from behind it), but we do hope to refine and continue these podcasts to introduce you to the many gifted magicians who work in concert in make Nopa such a special place. If you have 25 minutes to learn about Scheurebe, you wont regret it! Then come in and taste and draw your own conclusions!

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