The Civic Table Project is an experiment born out of our sense of responsibility to use hospitable spaces to explore the pressing and difficult questions of civic life in our communities.

We believe that shared food and drink is, and always has been, the most powerful vehicle for these conversations.

As neighborhood restaurants, Nopa and Nopalito are uniquely situated to engage with a changing city- with our farmers and purveyors, with the guests who walk through our doors, and with our staff, all of whom bring their experiences and histories to their work and our table every day.

The goal of The Civic Table Project is to create space for diverse voices to engage in participatory conversations that spark action and deepen collective knowledge.

Ultimately, it is up to all of us to have the conversations we want to be a part of.

Upcoming Conversations

America Incarcerated

A conversation on for-profit prisons, criminal justice, the new Jim Crow and creating space in the food industry to support formerly incarcerated.
May 17th – Nopalito

Water Wars

A conversation on drought, agriculture, fish, the Delta tunnels and environmental justice in a thirsty state.
May 31st – Nopa

Slow Food & Fast Tech

A conversation on the disruption and impacts of tech companies on Bay Area dining culture and food systems.
June 14th – Nopalito

Be at the table.

If you’d like to be added to our mailing list, we’d love to hear from you and continue the conversation.

Upcoming and Past Topics of Conversation

Immigration policy, labor and the small farm
The economics of tipping
Racial equity in dining and the food industry
Women, gender and harassment at work
Water wars in California
Farmed fish and the end of salmon
Tech and food systems and dining culture
Food waste for profit in America
Mass incarceration and the new Jim Crow
Identity politics, isolationism, and why we can’t hear one another

Eat. Drink. Think.

The Civic Table Project donates 100% of ticket sales to support an organization working to create change in the arena of discussion, thus far the project has raised over $8,000 in support of:

Young Women’s Health and Leadership Summit
The Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman’s Association
Insight Garden Program
Dolores Street Community Services Deportation Defense
House Farm Workers!