The Civic Table Project is an experiment born out of our sense of responsibility to use hospitable spaces to explore the pressing and difficult questions of civic life in our communities.

We believe that shared food and drink is, and always has been, the most powerful vehicle for these conversations.

As neighborhood restaurants, Nopa and Nopalito are uniquely situated to engage with a changing city- with our farmers and purveyors, with the guests who walk through our doors, and with our staff, all of whom bring their experiences and histories to their work and our table every day.

The goal of The Civic Table Project is to create space for diverse voices to engage in participatory conversations that spark action and deepen collective knowledge.

Ultimately, it is up to all of us to have the conversations we want to be a part of.

2019 Series : RICH & POOR

These dinners will investigate some of the spiritual, emotional and economic consequences in our lives while living amidst intense wealth disparity in our region.

The hope is to push these conversations beyond systemic blame (not that there isn’t enough to go around) and to talk more clearly about individual and collective responsibility, fear, shame, charity, power and our agency in this whole thing.

It will be sticky, but we think challenging and thoughtful.

We’ll be working our way through topics such as addiction, the service class, immigration, mental health, homelessness and philanthropy as lenses to contextualize what it means specifically in the Bay Area to be so rich and so poor.



When a Community Owns Addiction.

This night will focus on the stigma, consequence and status of drug use across class and income. How to get beyond clichés regarding ‘enabling’ particularly among homeless citizens. We’ll discuss local policies and research as well as investigate our own biases and relational responsibilities whether users ourselves or not. 
May 23rd – Nopalito – SOLD OUT

June 4th – Nopa


The Service | Working Class.

This night will engage with the changing attitudes and realities in the lives of the service class in the Bay Area. In addition, we recognize that you cannot talk about the service class without talking about immigration. We’ll explore the impact to workers and a society economically dependent on a low wage undocumented workforce.
June 27th – Nopalito

Be at the table.

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Upcoming and Past Topics of Conversation

Immigration; policy, labor and the small farm
The history and economics of tipping
Racial equity in the food industry
Tech and it’s relationship and effect on local food systems and dining culture
Water wars in California
Farmed fish and the end of salmon
American Food waste
Mass incarceration and supporting formerly incarcerated in food professions
Women in food, at work and power structures

Eat. Drink. Think.

The Civic Table Project donates 100% of ticket sales from each conversation to support a local organization working to create change in the arena of discussion. To date the project has raised over $23k to support:

Young Women’s Health and Leadership Summit
The Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman’s Association
Insight Garden Program
Dolores Street Community Services Deportation Defense 
The Bay Institute
House Farm Workers! 
Youth & Goverment – San Francisco YMCA
Center on Civility & Democratic Engagement 

Youth Speaks