Prather Ranch Macdoel, CA

Prather Ranch is best known for its premium dry-aged, grass fed and certified Organic beef program. The philosophy that drives this operation is "a deep understanding of the importance of low stress cattle handling, responsible stewardship of the land and a desire to provide a stable and satisfying life for those who work on the ranch." The animals spend the majority of their lives grazing on the nearly 20,000 acres of dedicated organic forage. The organic cattle are later finished on a diet of chopped forage, with some organic barley and organic rice.

One of the most unique aspects of the ranch is its "Closed Herd" status as part of their standard operating procedures for their beef, which is then is hand-cut in their state-of-the-art USDA federally-inspected abattoir located onsite.


Balakian Farms (Reedley, CA)

Ginger Balakian heads the operation here, where she grew up. Her mother still has a hand in the farm as well as her husband and daughter. Definitely a family operation. They made the move to organics 12 years ago, which was a big shift in the central valley where they're surrounded by large conventional farms. Now they're certified organic and span 35 acres. Ginger's daughter is studying at Harvard to continue the family business.

Bella Viva Orchards (Denair, CA)

Bernard Ranches (Riverside County, CA)

Blossom Bluff Orchards (Parlier, CA)

Capay (Capay, CA)

Catalan Family Farm (Holister, CA)

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County Line Harvest (Petaluma, CA)

Devoto Gardens (Sebastopol, CA)

Dirty Girl Produce (Santa Cruz, CA)

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Everything Under the Sun (Winters, CA)

Flying Disc Ranch (Coachella Valley, CA)

Frog Hollow Farm (Brentwood, CA)

Full Belly Farm (Guinda, CA)

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Good Faith Farm (Flournoy)

"You Should Know unless olives say they are raw, then they probably are not. modern olives are heat-canned or chemically cooked with lye, aka caustic soda or draino, to breakdown the plant cellulose rapidly and to kill any pathogens, killing the healthful bacteria and enzymes at the same time. Even most salt-brined olives are treated with lye; and since lye is sodium hydroxide, olive producers do not have to iist lye on the label. Moreover the most prevalent salt in california olive industry is solar salt or water softerner salt, reclaimed from manufacturing salts and solar evaporated. not sea salt at all. "

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Green Gulch Farm (Muir Beach, CA)

Guru Ram Das Orchard (Esparto, CA)

Hamada Farms (Kingsburg, CA)

235 farmable acres comprise 7 parcels in the Kingsburg area, about 200 miles from the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. Yukio's father, Shotaro Hamada, arrived in San Francisco in 1901. After laboring in the construction of the transcontinental railroad over Donner Summit, he was employed by a farm in Lindsay where he developed expertise in growing oranges and strawberries. By 1921 he owned his first parcel of farmland. After Shotaro's son,Yukio, graduated from UCLA with a degree in business accounting,Yukio and his wife Yonki joined the family farming business, and managed it together for 47 years. Yonki passed away in 2003. To continue the tradition of farming within the Hamada family, Yukio recently transferred the ownership of the farm to his children. Although they are active in its day-to-day operations, Yukio has retained his role as farm manager.

Happy Boy Farms (Freedom, CA)

Hidden Star Orchards (Linden, CA)

Iacopi Farm (Half Moon Bay, CA)

Kaki Farms (Gridley, CA)

Kaki Farms is owned and operated by Nicasio Soria who has been farming in the US since 1984. We get persimmons and pomegranates from him (Kaki means persimmon in Japanese), but he also grows grapes, pears, plums, strawberries, etc... His father is from Zacatecas, Mexico. Zacatecas translates into "people of the grasslands"...

Knoll Farms (Brentwood, CA)

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Marin Roots Farm (Woodacre, CA)

Mariquita Farm (Watsonville, CA)

Mariquita Farm is a small family farm located near Watsonville, growing organic specialty vegetables, greens and herbs.

Martin Bournhonesque (Chular, CA)

Mc Aravy Brothers (Dunnigan, CA)

Neufeld Farms (Kingsburg, CA)

Olsen Organic Farm (Lindsay, CA)

Paradise Valley Farms (Bolinas, CA)

Pine Gulch Creek, an important tributary for wild Coho salmon, runs right through Sandy and Dennis Dierks' 15-acre Bolinas property. The Dierks have been farming organically since 1972 and due in part to their water conservation efforts and soil management techniques, the numbers of returning salmon keep increasing every year. The Dierks' farm was the first in Californa to be certified as "Salmon Safe".

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Riverdog Farm (Guinda, CA)

Short Night Farm (Dunnigan, CA)

Star Route Farms (Bolinas, CA)

The Apple Farm (Philo, CA)

Tomatero Farm (Watsonville, CA)

Tomatero Farm is one of our newest purveyors, and a new favorite! Their Purple Cherokee tomatoes are rich, savoury, complex and delicious. They are currently being featured on our summer menu, along with their Sweet 100s and Sungold tomatoes. Not a surprise to get `maters this good from a farm whose name means "Tomato-Picker." Located in Wastonville, this small, CCOF certified Organic operation is owned by Chris Tuohig and Adriana Silva. They also grow greens and berries, and raise pastured chickens for eggs and meat.

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Tory Farms (Dinuba, CA)

This is a family operation (Tory and Rebecca Torosian, with their two sons, Tony Jr. and Sarkis) and they sometimes refer to their 80 acre farm as "The Magic Ranch"... Located in Dinuba which is a little over 200 miles south of san francisco, the farm is bursting with wildlife - red-tailed hawks, egrets, barn owls, california quails and pheasants... They are not certified organic...

Trufflebert Farm (Eugene, Oregon)

Nestled in the hills outside of Eugene, Oregon, our spring-fed Hazelnut trees currently produce an annual crop of just over 25,000 pounds.  The size of our harvests allows us to focus on the overall quality of our product.

Twin Girls Farm (Cutler, CA)

Woodleaf Farm (Oroville, CA)

Zuckerman’s Farm (Stockton, CA)

When it's time for asparagus, this is where we get it!

Dairy   ↑ ↑ ↑

Bellwether Farms (Sonoma County, CA)

Bohemian Creamery (Bodega, CA)

Bohemian Creamery offers a variety of Italian-style cheeses fashioned on a beautiful seven-acre farm in the hills overlooking the Pacific. All of the cheeses are made with milk from their own goats as well as from a neighboring organic Jersey cow dairy. Owners and Cheesemakers Lisa Gottreich and Miriam Block pamper each handcrafted round in true, artisanal tradition.

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Clover Stornetta (Petaluma, CA)

Cowgirl Creamery (Point Reyes Station, CA)

In 1997, Sue Conley and Peggy Smith opened Cowgirl Creamery in Pt. Reyes Station. From the beginning, they wanted to make delicious, artisan cheese, to be environmentally responsible, and they also wanted to support their cheesemaking friends in being sustainable land stewards. Today, Cowgirl Creamery continues to make just a small collection of cheese—four, soft aged and three fresh, totaling about 3,000 pounds per week.

Straus Family Creamery (Tomales Bay, CA)

V & C Foods (San Francisco, CA)

Meat & Seafood   ↑ ↑ ↑

Coleman Natural

The Coleman Natural Hampshire pork program is the first exclusive pedigreed pork program EVER combining natural raising practices (no antibiotics and no added hormones... EVER!) and prime quality. Richly marbled and naturally juicy, the Hampshire Pork eating experience is second to none. Our high standards select the most highly marbled and tender pork to be called Coleman Natural Hampshire, guaranteeing you the finest cuts of pork available today.

Devil’s Gulch Ranch (Nicasio, CA)

Fulton Valley Farms (Sonoma County, CA)

Free range chickens from Fulton Valley. No hormones, antibiotics. Vegetarian diet. Air chilled, never frozen.

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McCormack Ranch (Rio Vista)

Our Boer goats are grass-fed and range free, grazing in large (200-300 acres) pastures. In the fall, they kid and then return to pastures until the offspring are weaned and then sold. This occurs when the offspring are between five and seven months of age. Our market animals receive their mother's milk and grass in spring and as summer takes hold and local grasses dry up, we supplement our goat's diet with our own ranch-produced alfalfa, grass and oat hays. As summer progresses, we add small amounts of locally produced corn or barley to our market goat's diet to make up for the loss of important fats from the doe's milk.

We emphasize the use of low-stress methods to handle our livestock.

McCormack Ranch Boer goat, in addition to being tender and mild in flavor, is one of the healthiest meats you can serve. It has less fat than chicken and more protein as beef*. The flavor has been described as a "cross between beef and lamb" with a consistency that is "less fatty than lamb and comparable to veal in tenderness" -- "mild and sweet" according to many. McCormack Ranch Boer goat, because of its superior nutritional value, appealing flavor and texture, is now a featured item on the menus of a growing number of sophisticated restaurants


Paine Farm (Sonoma, CA)

Pozzi Farms (Sonoma County, CA)

Prather Ranch (Macdoel, CA)

Prather Ranch is best known for its premium dry-aged, grass fed and certified Organic beef program. The philosophy that drives this operation is "a deep understanding of the importance of low stress cattle handling, responsible stewardship of the land and a desire to provide a stable and satisfying life for those who work on the ranch." The animals spend the majority of their lives grazing on the nearly 20,000 acres of dedicated organic forage. The organic cattle are later finished on a diet of chopped forage, with some organic barley and organic rice.

One of the most unique aspects of the ranch is its "Closed Herd" status as part of their standard operating procedures for their beef, which is then is hand-cut in their state-of-the-art USDA federally-inspected abattoir located onsite.

Riverdog Farm (Guinda, CA)

Sonoma County Poultry (Penngrove, CA)

Stone Valley Farms (Alamo, CA)

Every other week we get a full pig from Stone Valley Farms which Chef breaks down and makes into Porchetta and Head Cheese, among other things.

Headquartered in Alamo, California since 1853, Stone Valley Farm strives to produce the highest quality, consistent, local product while using sustainable practices. Antibiotic free, hormone-free, all natural Berkshire and Berkshire influenced pork. Currently serving nearly 20 Michelin-Starred restaurants in the greater Bay Area.

TwoXsea (Sausalito, CA)

Through this pioneer in sustainable seafood, we get beautiful fish, both wild and farmed, with traceability back to the vessel where it was caught.

Water 2 Table Fish Company (San Francisco, CA)

Other Foods   ↑ ↑ ↑

Acme Bread Company (Berkeley, CA)

Blue Bottle Coffee (Oakland, CA)

In Oakland, California, James Freeman, a slightly disaffected freelance musician and coffee lunatic - weary of the grande eggnog lattes - decides to open a roaster for people who are clamoring for the actual taste of freshly roasted coffee. Using a miniscule six-pound batch roaster, he makes an historic vow: "I will only sell coffee less than 48 hours out of the roaster to my customers, so they may enjoy coffee at its peak of flavor. I will only use the finest organic, and pesticide-free, shade-grown beans." He names his business The Blue Bottle Coffee Company, in honor of central Europe's first coffee house, and begins another chapter in the history of superlative coffee.

Heath Ceramics (Sausalito, CA)

We love heath ceramics here at NOPA. From our coffee cups to plates, bowls and saucers, pay attention to their unique style the next time you come in for brunch or dinner.

Marshall’s Honey (SF Bay Area, CA)

The finest in natural & organic gourmet honeys from the mountains, valleys, seacoasts and back yards of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Phipps Country Farms (Pescadero, Ca)

Rancho Gordo (Napa, CA)

Ridgecut Gristmills (Arbuckle, CA)

Silk Road Teas (San Rafael, CA)

Silk Road Teas is a local pioneer in direct-sourced and Organic teas from China.

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TCHO Chocolate (San Francisco, CA)

TCHO is the only chocolate maker left in San Francisco, controlling the process from "Pod to Palate." They produce several retail Dark Chocolate bars, as well as the Couverture for our use in desserts. Go visit them on Pier 17 to learn more about their unique and stupendous chocolates.

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Beer   ↑ ↑ ↑

Castle Brewery Van Honsebrouck (Ingelmunster, Belgium)

Erdinger (Erding, Germany)

Hopf Dunkle Weiße (Miesbach, Germany)

This wheat beer has a pleasant fruity, malty quality; a real treat for lovers of dark beer. The brewery was founded in 1892. It's located in the small market town of Miesbach - the epitome of an Upper Bavarian town, with small, winding streets.

Isastegi (Tolosa, Spain)

Laverstoke Park Farm (Hampshire, UK)

Moonlight Brewing Company (Fulton, CA)

Moonlight Brewery was started in rural Santa Rosa in 1992 by Brian Hunt. Small by most all comparisons, the brewery has capacity for about 1000 barrels per year. Whereas the original brewery was in a converted tractor barn, today it is in a building built in 2003 for this brewery. Currently all the beers are only sold in kegs and can be found in San Francisco, the East Bay and North Bay counties. Mendocino and Lake Counties have a few spots, and there are rare sightings in Santa Cruz, Seal Beach, and San Diego.

Porterhouse Brewing (Dublin, Ireland)

Reutberger (Sachsenkam, Germany)

Russian River Brewing Company (Santa Rosa, CA)

Currently, we have their Redemption Blonde Ale. It's inspired by Belgian Single or Blonde Ales. Fruity, banana bouquet with a spicy, mild finish.

Stone - Cali-Belgique

Trumer Brauerei (Berkeley, CA and Salzburg, Austria)

Spirits - Gin, Genever and Old Tom   ↑ ↑ ↑

Anchor Distilling Junipero (San Francisco, CA)

Aviation (Portland, OR)

Bluecoat (Philadelphia, PA)

Bols Genever (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

CapRock (Hotchkiss, CO)

Corsair (Bowling Green, KY)

Death’s Door (Washington Island, WI)

Hayman’s Old Tom (London, UK)

Leopold’s (Denver, CO)

No. 209 (San Francisco, CA)

North Shore Nos. 6 and 11 (Lake Bluff, IL)

Ransom (Sheridan, OR)

Reisetbauer Blue Gin (Kirchberg-Thening, Austria)

Spirits - Rum and Cachaca   ↑ ↑ ↑

Clément Rhum Agricole (Domaine de l'Acajou, Martinique)

Flor de Caña (Chichigalpa, Nicaragua)

Leopold’s (Denver, CO)

Renegade Rum (Bottled at Bruichladdich Distillery, Islay, Scotland)

Rhum Barbancourt (Port-au-Prince)

St. George (Alameda, CA)

Spirits - Bourbon and Rye   ↑ ↑ ↑

Spirits - Other Malts and Spirits   ↑ ↑ ↑

Copper Fox Distillery (Sperryville, VA)

Death’s Door (Washington Island, WI)

Eades Double Malts (Eades, Lovingston, VA)

Hibiki 12 yr Japanese Whisky (Kyoto, Japan)

Leopold’s (Denver, CO)

Ransom (Sheridan, OR)

St. George (Alameda, CA)

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey (Denver, CO)

Spirits - Single Malt Whisky   ↑ ↑ ↑

Spirits - Tequila and Mezcal   ↑ ↑ ↑

Arette (Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico)

Chamucos (Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico)

Del Maguey Mezcal (Oaxaca, Mexico)

Ocho (Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico)

Siete Leguas (Atotonilco, Jalisco, Mexico)

Wine - Red   ↑ ↑ ↑

Éric Texier Louis Dressner

Andre Brunel Robert Kacher Selections

Anne Gros Atherton Wine Imports

Beausejour Vigneron Imports

Bel Air Beaune Imports

Benjamin Silver Wines (Santa Barbara, CA)

Bernard Faurie Robert Chadderdon Selections

Bertrand Amboise Robert Kacher Selections

Black Sears Estate (Angwin, CA)

Bodegas Muga Jorge Ordonez Selections

Bunan Wine Wise / Vienna Wine Company

Calera (Hollister, CA)

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Chandon de Briailles Beaune Imports

Chateau d’Or et de Gueules Robert Kacher Selections

Chateau Musar Broadbent Wines

Cheysson Vigneron Imports

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Cima Montecastelli Imports

Cima Collina (Marina, CA)

Clos Marie Beaune Imports

Clos Rougeard Louis Dressner

Clusel-Roch Charles Neal Selections

Comtes Lafon Beaune Imports

Copain Wine Cellars (Healdsburg, CA)

Corison (St. Helena, CA)

Crocker & Starr (St. Helena, CA)

Cuvée du Vatican Wines of France

D. Ventura De Maison Selections

Daumas Gassac Beaune Imports

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de Montille Beaune Imports

Dehlinger Winery (Sebastopol, CA)

Demetria (Los Olivos, CA)

Domaine Gauby Weygandt-Metzler

Domaine Pallières Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Dutton Goldfield (Sebastopol, CA)

E. Guigal Ex Cellars Wine Agencies

Emilio Moro Jorge Ordonez Selections

Fort Ross Vineyard (San Francisco, CA)

Nestled on a sunny coastal ridge, overlooking the Pacific Ocean a mile below, Fort Ross Vineyard's "True Sonoma Coast" vineyard is one of the closest, if not the closest, to the ocean in all of California. From the vineyard you can see the breaking surf and the misty silhouettes of Bodega Head and Pt. Reyes far below. The vineyard's high elevation above the coastal fog and its proximity to the ocean provide a gentle, sunny and temperate climate that has proved to be very favorable for the slow and even ripening of Burgundian varietals.

Franz Gojer Glögglhof JKI Imports

Genium Grapes of Spain

Gorrondona De Maison Selections

Gramercy Cellars (Walla Walla, WA)

Green & Red Vineyard (St. Helena, CA)

Ici/La-Bas (Los Olivos, CA)

J.K. Carriere (Newberg, OR)

Jean Maupertuis Louis Dressner

Joan D’Anguera De Maison Selections

Joguet Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Joseph Roty Atherton Wine Imports

Kathryn Kennedy Winery (Saratoga, CA)

López de Heredia Wine Wise / Vienna Wine Company

Lioco (San Francisco, CA)

Littorai (Sebastopol, CA)

Malartic-Lagravière Atherton Wine Imports

Manzoni Robert Chadderdon Selections

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Marcarini Neil Empson

Marcel Richaud Beaune Imports

Margerum (Los Olivos, CA)

Mas Doix European Cellars/ Eric Soloman Selections

Monpertuis Rosenthal Wine Merchants

Montmirail Beaune Imports

Natural Process Alliance (Santa Rosa, CA)

Niepoort Martine's Wines

Pago de los Capellanes Antalva Imports

Pago de Valdoneje Antalva Imports

Palari Vinity

Paolo Bea Rosenthal Wine Merchants

Parr Selections (Lompoc, CA)

Paul Janin Martine's Wines

Peay Vineyards (Cloverdale, CA)

Philippe Roty Atherton Wine Imports

Pierre Coursondon Vigneron Imports

Piron & Lafont Beaune Imports

Poderi Colla Neil Empson

Prieler Terry Theise Estate Selections / Michael Skurnick

Produttori del Barbaresco Vias

Quinta do Crasto Broadbent Wines

Quinta do Vallado Quintessential Wines

Quintarelli Robert Chadderdon Selections

Quintessa (Rutherford, CA)

Qupe (Los Olivos, CA)

Radio Coteau (Forestville, CA)

Redortier Robert Chadderdon Selections

Ridge Vineyards (Cupertino, CA)

Rocca di Castagnoli Montecastelli Imports

Rochelles Vigneron Imports

Sattler Terry Theise Estate Selections / Michael Skurnick

Scherrer (Sebastopol, CA)

Seghesio (Healdsburg, CA)

Sky Vineyards (Napa, CA)

Sky Vineyards is a fourteen-acre vineyard and small family winery nestled between the crown of Mt. Veeder and the expansive sky. Planted at an elevation of 2100 feet and on the eastern-facing hillside, the Zinfandel and Syrah grapes ripen under full sun and fog-cooled evenings into intense berries. The reddish volcanic soil and unique physical characteristics of Sky produce a unique wine that reflects where it was grown and the care and attention it receives at every step of the process.

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Storybook Mountain Vineyards (Calistoga, CA)

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Trenel Robert Chadderdon Selections

Trevallon Beaune Imports

Unti Vineyards (Healdsburg, CA)

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Viña Santurnia Antalva Imports

Vinum Cellars (Napa, CA)

Westrey Wine Company (McMinnville, OR)

Wind Gap Wines (Forestville, CA)

York Creek (San Francisco, CA)

Wine - Dessert   ↑ ↑ ↑

Wine - Rose   ↑ ↑ ↑

Wine - Sherry   ↑ ↑ ↑

Wine - Sparkling   ↑ ↑ ↑

Wine - White   ↑ ↑ ↑

A.J. Adam Terry Theise Estate Selections / Michael Skurnick

Albert Mann Weygandt-Metzler

Brüder Dr. Becker JKI Imports

Bruna Robert Chadderdon Selections

Buil & Giné Wine Wise / Vienna Wine Company

Château de Puligny-Montrachet Beaune Imports

Chéreau Carré De Maison Selections

Clos du Caillou North Berkeley Imports

Colle Stefano Oliver McCrum Wines

Comtes Lafon Beaune Imports

Copain Wine Cellars (Healdsburg, CA)

Dönnhoff Terry Theise Estate Selections / Michael Skurnick

Daumas Gassac Beaune Imports

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Dehlinger Winery (Sebastopol, CA)

Didier Dagueneau Beaune Imports

DO Ferriero De Maison Selections

Domaine Serene (Dayton, OR)

Dr. Thanisch Winesellers Ltd.

Dublère Tamalpais Wine Agency

Emilio Rojo De Maison Selections

François Chidaine Beaune Imports

Grillet Robert Chadderdon Selections

Hexamer Terry Theise Estate Selections / Michael Skurnick

Hirsch Terry Theise Estate Selections / Michael Skurnick

Huet Robert Chadderdon Selections

Jean Collet Robert Chadderdon Selections

Josef Leitz Terry Theise Estate Selections / Michael Skurnick

López de Heredia Wine Wise / Vienna Wine Company

La Tour Vieille Kermit Lynch Wine Merchant

Lagler Domaine Select Wine Estates

Luc Massy Robert Chadderdon Selections

Marc Colin Robert Chadderdon Selections

Matthiasson (Napa, CA)

Michel Ogier Robert Kacher Selections

Monpertuis Rosenthal Wine Merchants

Mt. Eden Vineyards (Saratoga, CA)

Navarro Vineyards (Philo, CA)

Nigl Terry Theise Estate Selections / Michael Skurnick

Ojai Vineyard (Oak View, CA)

Paul Pernot Robert Kacher Selections

Peay Vineyards (Cloverdale, CA)

Prager Vin DiVino

Prieler Terry Theise Estate Selections / Michael Skurnick

Quintarelli Robert Chadderdon Selections

Roccolo Grassi Chambers & Chambers

Rolly Gassmann Esquin Imports Inc.

Salomon Undhof Terry Theise Estate Selections / Michael Skurnick

Schloss Gobelsburg Terry Theise Estate Selections / Michael Skurnick

Selbach Oster Terry Theise Estate Selections / Michael Skurnick

Stubbs Vineyard (Petaluma, Ca)

Tablas Creek (Paso Robles, CA)

Talley (Arroyo Grande, CA)

Truchard (Napa, CA)

Vacheron North Berkeley Imports

Viñedos de Ithaca

Vincent Dancer Vintage 59

Vinja Barde JKI Imports

Weingut Niklas Oliver McCrum Wines

Zind-Humbrecht The Sorting Table

About Our Purveyors

nopa maintains a commitment to offering local, organic, sustainable products. Through farmer's markets and sourcing with intention, we have developed relationships with a multitude of purveyors who share these principles.